Email Template Design

Make an impression with a creative designed email template and get more web site hits, more trafic, and more work.

Professional Design

Echo web solutions provides a creative designed, email template that you can use continuously throughout the year to market and promote your artwork. An HTML-formatted email improves deliverability and allows for multiple links and multiple images within your email promotions. This service allows you to maintain a consistent brand while saving you from the headache of designing your own email each month.

Rs 595/- HTML Branded Email Template

  • Direct contact with graphic designer
  • Fully customized email template with your branding
  • Delivered as an HTML file
  • Multiple links and images
  • Templates can be updated for each launch with new images and links

You will receive some sample design templates, from which you can choose one for additional design revisions. An HTML email typically takes three four to five hours of designing and coding.

Our email design services are not required in order to do email marketing through Echo web solutions. You can also design your own postcard style email, in any image editing software, and send that to Echo web solutions for your promotional needs.