Word press

Depending on the requirements of a site, Wordpress can be a great content management system. It is simple to use, requires minimal code, and is a very powerful search engine optimization tool. Most people think of Wordpress as strictly a blogging mechanism, however, in the proper hands, it can be a great way to keep a full blown website up-to-date with fresh content. A powerful example of this is the Ford Autoshows Website. This entire website was built on Wordpress and displays it’s power as a content management system. With it’s ability to categorize data, upload media, create visitor interaction, and utitlize custom data fields, it has all the features a great CMS should. There is also a very active developer community built around Wordpress plugins allowing for easy integration of common tools.

There is nothing better than giving clients the ability to update their website frequently. It gives them a sense of freedom and urgency when it comes to adding new content to their site which is highly beneficial in terms of search engine optimization and return visitors

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